ALICE "I Feel So ME Now!"

Theater Arts Volume 1 Overview



ALICE "I Feel So ME Now! Musical Theater Arts Volume 1






Courtesy Download of the Play!

ALICE "I Feel So ME Now!" Miniature Theater Version

Open the pdf. file and "Save As" to your Desktop! If The PDF opens Full-Screen, hit your "Esc" key to access the menu and "Save a Copy" feature.We give you permission to produce our play at no cost!Incite creativity!





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An Enthusiastic Team Helped Create Our First Theater Arts Title!

This First Title serves as the Template for our Future Musical Theater Arts Titles

Terri New had a vision.

She recognized the priceless impression an education rich in the arts can make on a young mind. That arts keep children in school, provide motivation and help them better understand the world in which they live. The arts enhance the ability to appreciate a world steeped in diversity. Her vision was shared and supported by over 200 wonderful, exceptionally creative, talented caring people.