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We witnessed the winds of change in the autumn of 1989, stunning dramas took place in the Eastern Bloc countries, the “Velvet Revolution” of Czechoslovakia, was one of the most remarkable revolutions in contemporary history. Where a dissident writer, Vaclav Havel, led his country away from an entrenched and oppressive regime that crumbled under the will of the people and resigned from power without the loss of the single human life.  Rarely do the real-life events of a writer so boldly upstage his art, the universal theme of repression confronted by truth.

After witnessing the start of the Velvet Revolution Terri New  went to Czechoslovakia and gathered stories from luminaries of the revolution. She wrote a play and produced it at the Wilshire Ebel Theatre in Los Angeles and created Project Booklift, a nationwide project that airlifted 400,000 books to this new democracy of Eastern Europe. She also created a documentary "Rebirth of a Nation" which won the Golden Mike Award in 1993.

New was awarded the Santa Barbara Woman of the Year for 1995 and the Soroptimist’s Woman of Distinction in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in 1993. In David Forward’s book “ Heroes After Hours” in which she is featured, she is described as a woman “who makes things happen.” Creator/Producer of many national and international projects, she has been producing many different kind of artistic projects for 20 years. As a playwright, in 1990 she wrote and produced Voices of the Velvet Revolution at the Wilshire Ebel Theater. In 1991 she created a documentary “Rebirth of a Nation,” and associate-produced this with KEYT, this won the Golden Mike Award for best documentary.

Terri is currently writing a screenlay and composing the music for her screenplay about the Velvet Revolution. She is on DRAFT 2,  the working title is "HAVEL'S WORDS.  "I would love to find the right collaborator on this screeenplay. I feel I am too close to it, I am looking for someone who has expertise and experience in writnig successful screenplays.  I know who I would love to direct this film and that is, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. He directed one of my favorite films THE LIVES OF OTHERS. So if any of you know him, let him know Im looking for him...he'a a writer too. Hmmm sounds like a match made in ....screendom! ...Really, hunt 'em down for me will ya!?"

She recently performed  excerpts of the play, "Voices of the Velvet Revolution" in song and images at the Elks Opera House in Prescott, AZ for THE ARTISTS PATH, an organization based in Prescott for thier series: "The Artist's Path through Conflict and Social Crisis." The purpose of this event in Prescott, AZ is to explore how artists respond to a world in conflict and social crisis through the discipline of Playwriting.






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