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Terri New of Incite Productions is a multimedia specialist with extensive experience. Specializing in promotional video projects to multimedia presentations for educational curriculum projects and promotional/marketing products, as well as theater productions and performance.

From inception to completion INCITE provides the tools for your success.


Incite Productions

Terri New, Multimedia Producer of Incite Productions has a strong, creative and dependable team.  She started this talented company of Independent Artists in 1991 in Santa Barbara, CA. Incite Productions aim is to incite and inspire creativity. Developing tools for ceative activity and engendering community.

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Multimedia literally means …many mediums. Terri New - A multimedia producer/ designer works across many disciplines of design and media into integrated presentations. She uses a variety of artistic and communicative media and is always learning more. It’s a complex blend of different forms of content, text, graphics, video, animations, and interactive content. 

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Video Production

Marketing Videos - Documentaries - Video News Releases - Product Launches - Web Video Campaigns - Blog/Story Profiles -  Testimonial Videos - Event Videos-   Training Videos- Product Demos - Cultural Programs - Fundraising - Public Relations -  Author  Interviews - Family & Organizational Histories - Celebration of Life Videos  

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Terri New, has a history of producing a unique blend of Arts and Activism. As a  singer-songwriter she worked with Bob Esty who produced the likes of Streisand,  Middler, Donna Summer and Cher. Terri wrote and produced " Voices of the Velvet Revolution" at the Wilshire Ebel Theater, then took the show to Europe with Bob and Poet, James Ragan, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and delivered 400,000 books!

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Incite Productions - Incite Creativity!

It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. –Abraham Lincoln

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. –John Lennon

Terri New, has a history of producing a unique blend of Arts & Activism, such as with Project Booklift, a nationwide project which airlifted 400,000 books to the new democracies of Eastern Europe.  Ms. New was awarded the Santa Barbara Woman of the Year for 1995 and the Soroptimist’s Woman of Distinction in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in 1993.  In David Forward’s book “Heroes After Hours” in which she is featured, she is described as a woman “who makes things happen.”  Creator/Producer of many national and international projects, she has been producing many different kind of artistic projects for 30 years.  Terri was a finalist for the AZ Governors Arts Award and received a Star Review from the Library Journal for her Multimedia Musical Theater Arts Title.



Incite Productions


Terri New of Incite Productions produced a fabulous and inspiring 25 minute video celebrating Inge Boehm's life. This video was played at her memorial service. The video is infinitely more than just a photo album coming to life. Terri magically weaved together the memories into a powerful heartfelt presentation of Inge's life. It was such a delight to hear family and friends tell us how they enjoyed the video, how much they learned about Inge and were inspired by Inge's life story.
By including interviews from the family members, photos, video clips of past events (weddings, anniversary, birthdays, etc.) and music, you truly had a sense of who Inge Boehm was. This video is a wonderful way to honor someone you love and have future generations get to know their grandmother a little better. 
Terri is creative and meticulous with every facet of the videotaping and production process. Terri made the interview process comfortable and at ease. Terri had age appropriate questions (ages ranges from 8 years to 82 years). Initially there was concern for the length of the video, however, the magic that Terri brought to this video, allowed the appropriate length. Terri is professional and very easy to work with.

We highly recommend Terri New and Incite Productions to everyone. You'll be happy you decided to create such a moving memory of your loved one's life.

The Boehm Family (Eric, Ron, Steven, Marlys, Ingrid, Jeff, Ryan, Kevin, Kristin & Katie)

Santa Barbara, CA

THE DON's SPEAKEASY - Fundraiser - Multimedia Show

“Terri, I don't generally revert to "teen" language, but the best way I can describe everything is that the evening was truly "awesome."  To me, what's most amazing is that you had a vision of what you wanted this performance to be like, and you were able to carry it off perfectly. Even though you had a lot of help, all of the singing, dancing, dialogue and visuals came from within you. I felt like I was attending a professional dinner/theater performance. On behalf of the Foundation, I want to express my most sincere appreciation for the work, time and energy that you put in to make this event an astounding success.”

- Diana Dalsass  

 “Did we have fun or what?! Everyone was fabulous and the audience loved it.  Thanks to everyone.” - Sue Carlton  

 “Fabulous show on Saturday. I had so much fun photographing.” Warm regards,  Terri Davis  

“It was a great evening.  Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it.” - Linda Jo

“I've been downtown in meetings & City Hall last few days & I just want you to know that you're fabulous extravaganza is getting soo much great Buzz around town. On all counts of the different facets of it. They are declaring it "the best event they've been to in years" ...& "best time ever", " over the top fun" "excellent production for such a good cause" "the most entertaining evening", "absolutely the best evening", "we a loved how you interacted with us, weaving us into story lines, it made it so much fun" And people are asking and even demanding to know when our next performance is! They absolutely want to come! Isn't that fantastic?! So again, my Dear - Congratulations on all your long months of inspired & hard work, Sweetie!!!” Hugs, Tana  

“You out SO much love and talent into this. Thank you for everything! That was such a joy and a push and a multi-media FEAST! Enjoy resting on your laurels!”

- Salli Maxwell

  “Because of your Greatness and Grace, you Inspire so many. Thank you for your Heart and your Encouragement... Fifi could not have done it without you Terri New!!!” With much love ❤ Nancy Beets    



ACCOLADES From Terri's Performances:

"With my having seen Terri New perform several times and having played her CD many times, Terri performs a wide variety of song and music. She performs with sincere, and seemingly effortless,engagement. Not only is she a fantastic musician, she is a kind, cordial, and caring person. I highly recommend Terri New, and am proud to know her as 'friend'  You are simply so very talented & gifted. Hope I can hear you again before long." - James Kimes

"What a great performance you put on!" - Bo Woods - Morning Host/Program Director KNOT-AM, Prescott. Fun Oldies AM1450/100.9FM at Great Circle Radio

"We thought you were fabulous at our Talking Rock show. Let me know where you will be appearing next. We will be in your audience." ~ Judy

"Loved the concert! Thanks again for calling last night's concert to our attention.....we loved it, especially YOUR part! Wow, obviously we had no idea you have such a fabulous voice! What a treat." - Karen Austermiller

"Wow! What a fabulous quarterly Prescott Area Arts & Humanities Council membership event at Sharlot Hall Museum last night. Thanks to the incredible talent of songstress Terri New and ensemble the house was packed! There is no doubt that the public will continue to follow where our group of talented artistic members choose to go next." - Deb Thurston

"Dear Terri, what can one say? You were delightful and the performance was so enjoyable! Your choice of song, your vocal inflections, and the words between the songs revealed your character and the joy of life! We were enriched by it and our holiday season began! Thank you." - Betsy, Fred, and Nancy

"Terri, You were amazing; better than Barbara. We left inspired!" - Amy Champ

"Enjoyed your vocals at Talking Rock." - Buddy Moeck, Pianist

"So enjoyed your performance on Thursday, I will certainly drop in for Acker Night." - Karen Churchill

"Terri: You and your associates made our evening wonderful! Can't begin to express my appreciation..........grand performance!!!!" - Muriel Haverland

"Dear Terri, You were BRILLIANT....thank you for a most enjoyable evening." - Yvette Winwood

"I take this opportunity to tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed your performance last Thursday. I'm sure you know that your accompanying musicians are both keepers. I sensed that you were able to focus on your vocals almost 100.... I wish I had taken a few notes. As it is, I can't tell you which songs were merely enjoyable and which ones gave me goose bumps. "Autumn Leaves" was definitely in the latter category. I almost forgot to mention that your narrative added to the performance..., it transformed a group of songs into an almost theatrical whole. In a supper club it would help keep the audience engaged, rather than giving them permission to regard your efforts as mere background music. Please accept my congratulations on assembling such a polished, professional act." Yours truly, Dave Morefield

"Amazing Performance of "Voices of the Velvet Revolution" Terri, Your stunning performance for the Artist's Path inauguration was outstanding! You know your subject intimately by your personal travel to Czechoslovakia, studying history, passionately portraying a peaceful revolution of which the majority of we Americans have never heard, highlighting that pacificists make a difference, that arts and humanities are very powerful persuaders of needed change, and that a playwright can lead a new nation. The leaders of The Artists Path chose the best performers in the West to launch a peaceful revolution that will circle the globe many times. Your beautiful, trained voice moved all of us in the audience, your music writing was very powerful, and you showed a very intellectual, caring, and passionate aspect of the amazing woman that you are. We in the audience were treated to an extremely professional performance and we are so fortunate to have that experience in Prescott." - Artist, Katy Standhardt