Graphic Arts

Created by Terri New

Graphic design is a creative process – and one I particularly love. I love conjuring the event, the particulars… the atmosphere… what they’re going for and I have a particular style, I love to draw on old world elements. I’m not a painter, nor a sketcher, I am a composite artist/photographer often starting with photos that I use as my baseline. That being said, if you have need of original drawings, I have some wonderful graphic artists on my team that I have worked with on several projects. We usually divide up the load using our strongest skill base for the project at hand. It’s a collaborative enterprise and when you work with people you really like it’s a wonderful experience. We work hard with our clients to deliver their vision… And surpass it when we can, it is the power, the synergy of lots of creative forces! If you are drawn to my particular style contact me or I’ll put you in contact someone that I think has the talent to deliver what your needs are and deserves your business.