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Taking It On!

 I don’t like to feel helpless in the face of all the horrors that of been done because we as a culture keep ignoring the issue of mental health and I wanted to help in some way, to be proactive.-Terri New


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Producer and Director - Terri New

Guests will step back into the 1920s at “The Don’s Speakeasy,” where they will become part of the performance - and part of solving this ingeniously clever who-done-it. ..."I just want you to know that you're fabulous extravaganza is getting soo much great Buzz around town. On all counts of the different facets of it. They are declaring it "the best event they've been to in years" & "best time ever", " over the top fun" "excellent production for such a good cause" "the most entertaining evening", "we a loved how you interacted with us, weaving us into story lines, so much fun."


Logo and Poster Design

Had fun creating these! Love detailed and elaborate! ...And the Art Deco era has such a great feel.



People helping people and having fun doing it. Building community and working for a great cause.



FUNDRAISER for The West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation

This very successful event was Produced and Directed by Terri New. (All videos, photography and graphics for the production were created by Terri New)

"I have to say this project was a labor of love for me. I had been in their first fundraising murder mystery with my husband the year before. I thought it was wonderful, but I thought ‘Wow we could really kick this up a notch.’ So I took it on as a production project. A couple of months into it the director of the show couldn’t do it, so I ended up taking on that role as well.

 When we chose the venue it had six screens so of course the multimedia producer in me kicked into gear. I ended up rewriting the script almost entirely and adding musical elements because quite a number in the cast had the abilities. Speaking of cast, I had a wonderful cast and crew… the process of getting there not without its hiccups when certain peoples dropped out for whatever reasons… having to pick up those pieces is always a challenge. You have to again post and conduct auditions, find a venue and get out notices ...on top of everything else going on.

 This turned out to be about 4-5 months of work for me, luckily I had lots of good helpers. I designed a set and had a great dependable gal, Candace Packard  who put it together! I hunted down era music and worked at planting clues in the backdrops, dialogue, songs. Worked the PR social media engagements, ads etc. We also put together a fascinator workshop to get more engagement from the community and the fun aspects of dressing up for the occasion. Let me tell you everyone came dressed to the nines, it was a sight to behold!

 I housed all the elements in a PowerPoint. Another good fortune was in finding another great person, Caryl Walti who handled the tech aspect with aplomb! I had created 14 videos, and the PowerPoint had 118 slides in total and music cues/sfx that all had to be timed perfectly. I played the narrator/singer "Vavava Boom" and she added a few melodic interludes.

We also had Silent and Live Auctions to add to the bank!...And an opening scene “Big Spender” to kick off the silent auction with a flash mob with all of the cast and our volunteers with dance moves and singing. We had a terrific choreographer Alexa Hannah-Niekamp. Check out our credits video to see all these stellar folks who took part!

 It was great to help out this agency that so helps our community in dealing with mental illness! "

DESCRIPTION: Please join the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation for an evening of fun "whodunit" entertainment! Cocktails, appetizers and merriment along with food, drink and music, guests attending in 1920's attire could win the best costume prize! From the minute guests arrive and step back in time at The Don’s Speakeasy they become part of the play - and part of solving the mystery! This fabulous event was directed and produced by Terri New, a local multimedia producer. A fun fundraiser to raise funds for The West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation! We spread hope… We provide help… We promote healing. YOUR SUPPORT TRANSFORMS OUR COMMUNITY!  

The West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation exists to raise funds for transformational treatment programs, and to stand with you when you or someone you love is navigating a mental health challenge. When essential therapeutic services go beyond a client’s financial ability, the Foundation steps in to fill that gap. We also provide free community mental health education as well as information about substance use disorders, and work to eliminate stigma around mental illness



Poster, Logo and Collateral Designs

It is great fun to create imagery in a stylized fashion. One of my favorite things to do is coordinate the “LOOK”... all those fine details in every aspect of the production.


Set Design

I was going for a lavish, bigger than life feel in the set design. There is nothing like working with can-do positive folks and Candace Packard and team worked hard to deliver a great set! Allen's Flowers also contributed so much to the table decor and the vavoom set flower arrangements!


Silent & Live Auctions

We upped the ante this year with auctions!... Both Silent and Live. We had over 70 wonderful offerings in the Silent Auction orchestrated by Danielle Adams ( my daughter) . The Live Auction featured, A's Diamond Tickets, 2 Golf Packages and an African Safari! The Auctioneer was non other than Louis van Tonder of Photo-Safaris.com  (And my husband)...Keep the family active! ...And they were so appreciated!

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I had a concept in mind for the messaging script  "The Human Connection" and both Tamara Player and Cindy Brown of WYGC loved it!  We built on the importance of connection instead of... we do this... we do that. We did have a tough time quieting down the crowd who were in the mist of their merriment and we learned some things about crowd control, but the overriding  message is still strong!

Deep and genuine connection with another human is seemingly what we are searching. Connection is the magic that is born out of souls feeling at home when they are with each other.

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Fascinator Workshop

During the 1920s, American flappers wore headbands and cocktail hats to complete their look! I heard someone say in a committee meeting what if we had a workshop for people for making costumes?!  Thus the plan was hatched! One of the aims was engendering community and this workshop did just that.  I had great help from the Elks Guild and they had a gal, Sue McDonald a professional hat maker who made 'fascinators. So folks came and made those charming feather, blingy hats gals wore in that era.  So our attendees could be “fascinating”... or should say more fascinating!


Audience Participation

New Names on entry! The audience had fun playing along in their new personas as big bad boys and gals. We had plants in the crowd to relay important clues that might be missed and also to engender conversation and friendliness. We wanted to build on what people said about last year's event... "friendliest time ever!"


  • The Don's Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner-Video AD
  • The Suspects of the Don's Speakeasy - Who Dunnit!?
  • The Don - Sway
  • Big Spender w Intro - The Don's Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Tango de Rosa with Rita the Rose played by Salli Maxwell
  • Live Auction Packages for The Don's Speakeasy Murder Mystery Dinner!
  • Janie - The Courage of Recovery - Hope and the Human Connection
  • THE DON'S SPEAKEASY - Sponsors! Cast! Crew! Credits